Vietnam Garden Restaurant
        Take out menu
       Phone 384 3033 

524 Admirals Rd. Esquimalt. BC. V9A 2

Our internationally acclaimed chef “Ken

has over 20 years experience.

(Fully Licensed)


1  Shrimp Salad roll (3) $7.95  
3  Spring roll (3) $7.50   
5  Vegetarian spring roll (4) $7.95    


Noodle soup  &  Stir fries    


11  Spicy Lemon Grass Beef Noodle soup    $9.95  
14  Chicken Noodle soup      $8.50  
16  Hot and Sour Chicken or Prawn soup     $8.95
18  House Wor Wonton soup      $8.95
19 Fried rice noodle with chicken or tofu    $8.95
20 Fried Rice with chicken or tofu     $8.95
21 House special Fried rice or noodle    $12.95
22  Stir fried chicken with Vegetables on crispy Egg Noodle $10.95
25 Pad Thai Noodle with chicken or tofu    $9.95

 Rice Vermicelli Bowls


23  Spring roll  $9.95      
 Pork slices
 Barbecues ham  
24 Spring roll  $10.50
 Chicken slices

Beef Dishes


B1 Ginger Beef       $11.95
B2 Beef and Broccoli      $10.95
B3 Teriyaki Beef      $11.95


Chicken Dishes  


C1 Caramel chicken      $11.95
C2 Lemon grass chicken     $11.95
C3 Basil chicken      $10.95
C4 Spicy coconut chicken     $10.95
C5 Curry chicken      $10.95
C6 Spicy chicken with cashew nut    $11.95
C7 Teriyaki chicken      $11.95 


Pork Dishes


P1 Sweet and Sour pork     $10.95
P2 Honey Garlic pork      $10.95
P3 Caramel Pork      $10.95
P4 Spicy Garlic Pork      $10.95
 Seafood Dishes


S1 Caramel Fish      $12.95  
S2 Ginger Black bean fish     $12.95
S3 Hot Garlic Prawns      $12.95
S4 Spicy Coconut Prawns     $12.95
S5 Five Spice Squid      $12.95
S6 Prawn Miso Noodle soup     $10.95


Vegetarian food


V1  Hot and sour tofu soup      $8.95
V2  Lemon grass tofu       $9.95
V3  Curry tofu         $9.95
V4  Vegetable spring rolls with cashew nut and vermicelli $8.95
V5  Miso soup with vegetables     $8.50
V6  Mixed Vegetables and cashew nuts    $9.95
V7  Caramel Tofu       $9.95 

Side order of Steamed rice   $1.50
Side order of Rice Vermicelli   $2.00


Take out orders over
$20.00 will receive
a 10% discount.
Business Hours 
Lunch 11:00am to 2:30pm
Dinner 4:30pm to 10:00pm
Closed on Sundays and
Saturday lunch

                         Prices subject to change without notice.
When ordering please advise your server or any allergies to foods, spices, or   other ingredients that you may have